2020 Blackboard Staff Guidance

Information for staff


Introduction to a Course on Blackboard


How to navigate this Blackboard module

This item is essential: Currently, our modules adopt slightly different methods in how their lecture slides, tutorial sheets and similar learning resources are organised i.e. some are grouped by teaching team, some by chronological order. Because of this, a short introduction as to how you set out your module is extremely useful for users to navigate to these resources successfully.  

Statement about the use of Aston Replay

This item is essential: If you had a statement about the use of Replay in your previous module, please migrate it to here. This should explain any alternative resources or Replay equivalents that you use or a statement as to why Replay would be unsuitable for your teaching (e.g. flipped classroom.) You should also highlight what resources have been offered in place of replay resources e.g. revision materials, office hours etc for those students that did attend class but use Replay to solidify their learning and as revision support. 

Don’t currently use Replay but want to? 

  • Follow these instructions to provision your Blackboard module for using Replay. 
  • For guidance on using Replay (recording sessions) see here. 

…you must ensure that you tick the ‘send a copy of this announcement…’ box when creating (see below image.) 

The item is recommended: Announcements are a good way to build a dialogue with students, update them on core module activities and can act as a safeguarding measure to archive notices. (Note: Administrative staff may also use this function to alert students when they are able to pick up coursework for your module or similar.) 

Module Specification (this area is auto populated with the UMD link)